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We are leading in motor control and power conversion technologies for commercial and industrial applications. Our collection of innovative products are used in the most demanding applications, requiring performance, reliability and energy efficiency.
AC Input Applications
Battery Powered Applications 24V to 120V

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ZAPI Drives & Motor Control Accessories, ZIVAN Battery Chargers, Best Motor High Quality Low Voltage AC/ DC Motors ***  Albright Contactors for High Current DC Applications  ***  All services including sales engineering, commissioning, installation, service and repair is offered by our company. ***  We offer genuine parts & retrofit kits for industrial machines. By using these kits you can re-new your machine with best features according to latest technology. It will lead to energy saving, it is cost effective and more secure. ***  We specially offer retrofit kits for your material handling machines such as fork lifts, pallet trucks and all kinds of battery powered machines.